Enrica Perucchietti & Gianluca Marletta, Unisex, Arianna Publ., Bologna 2014

by Enrico Galoppini

unisex_doppiaThe purpose of this book is to warn the reader of the danger hanging over all those who are subjected to propaganda, covert and overt, of the so-called “gender ideology”.

This ideology – which we have already occupied with in the issue 2/2014 of “Eurasia – Review of Geopolitics” dedicated to “The Cold War II” [1] – under the reassuring mantle of “respect” and “freedom” aim at The Creation of a Man “Without Identity”, as the subtitle of Unisex. The creation of man “without identity”, by Enrica Perucchietti and Gianluca Marletta (Arianna Edizioni, Bologna 2014) quotes.

The readers of a magazine of geopolitics, and even more so the experts, should not underestimate the weight of the ideological factor in the competition between the great powers. While the role of the ideologies of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as a tool to reinforce the domestic consensus and to co-opt sympathies of the competing companies to weaken and subvert them is clear to everyone, then it is not so obvious, perhaps, how the ideology of “gender” has become located in a consolidated and fed strand, although its peculiarities are being in line with the “spirit of the times”.

Precisely, it is not limited to provide a mere propaganda weapon, but is used in a pounding manner against the same populations from which emerged the theorists of this upside downworld view, and subsequently against the conquered populations, for a purpose never declared before with such ruthlessness: the manipulation of man to a point where they send him into confusion even in terms of his biological basis.

Like all the abstruseness not based on the unchangeable reality of Nature, we are facing – as the authors themselves acknowledge – an important piece of the attempt to build the “Great Utopia”, that is the so-called “New World Order”. That in itself does not mean much, except that, in the light of the theory and practice of “ideologues like that”, we can say with knowledge of the facts that the main objective of this “order” is “the new man”, completely amorphous (ch. 1).

One might rightly identify in the “revolutionarism “, in the desire to subvert the natural order of things, the humus from which originates this propaganda that floods in the first place the Western populations with “gay rights”, the “pan-sexuality” and other nonsense that in normal times would have never exit the penof those who were addicted to vice and perdition.

But those were the ages in which religion was not a comforting tool for the use and consumption of the management of “humanitarian crisis”. Which explains the explicit hatred by theorists of “gender” towards all “false religions” and commitment to the diffusion of an environment apt to apprehend a “New Age” (of “tolerance”, of “universal love”, etc. .).

Starting from this assumption (without deepening the destructive scope of the anti-religious hatred inherent to the “gender ideology”), the authors – who for the sake of intellectual honesty hasten to inform that they have nothing against homosexuals, but merely study the thought and the action of “homosexualists” or gay activists – continue their discussion with a brief history of this school of thought (ch. 2), whose roots are not to be separated from those that produced, among the other, the weed of the “drug liberalization”.

In the first place, among the entities subsidizing the “scientists” and “research institutes” (we will deal later on with Tavistock Institute, the subject of a study by Daniel Estulin, translated again by Arianna Publishing House), we find the real high and mighty of Western capitalism, organized into “foundations” which, together with the UN, play a capillar role in the widespreading of persuasion of the masses, gradually conquered – when they are not supported by a firmly traditional worldview – by this new paradigm that challenges the very foundations of the human family and community.

The ideologies of “gender” and homosexuality (ch. 3) are closely related, and it is interesting to note how some “anti-psychiatrist” (in other respects as just and right miserable the conception of man by the modern “shrinks”) has had in view clearance of homosexuality as a “sexual orientation” on the same level with so-called “straight”.

uni-sex-libro-71691Once you do accept a disorder as a norm, through three distinct but overlapping moments (“desensitization” up to the habituation of the public; “block” that is the attribution of any defect and wickedness to a person who, by traditional values, does not accept the “gender” ideology; “conversion” and final conquest of souls), we arrive – as the authors almost ironically point out (ch. 3) – at a situation reversed to the previous one: the doors of prisons should thus swing open for a “homophobe”, and, why not, of asylums. For now it would suffice the “civil death”, like to a “racist” or an ” anti-Semite”.

The interest for the “Eurasian” reader in a book like this lays in the following: that every competitor of the West is subject to the accusation with “homophobia”, which explains the incessant campaigns against Russia and Putin, marked with a stamp of infamy by some lobby adequately supported by those in control of finance and increasingly monopolized economy (just to support the subject of “artificiality”, these are the same areas that are pressing to adopt all the world to the genetically modified foods).

The suspect – more than well-founded – expressed by Perucchietti and Marletta – is, nevertheless, that homosexualists are, so to say, used exactly – we might add – as “the Jews” by the Anglo-Zionist, to reach a point where – when once liberalized (in expectation of the common morality’s change) other perversions such as pedophilia and zoophilia – the human being will transcend himself in a parody of a true asceticism that goes under the name of “transhumanism” (ch. 6).

Because of this the authors warn against “enlightenment” and “positivist disenchantment” which would arise from all this, that to the contrary would have an essential “mystical” and “esoteric” connotation. The liberation from nature and “biological chains” could only be postulated and pursued by a “pseudo-esotericism” that for now relies on the contribution of “scientists” and distributors good of health and happiness in white coat, who insinuate the idea that – in light of the “new reproductive technologies” – the reproduction as it is and sexual act itself go now separated.

This would certainly be the triumph of pan-sexuality and Gaia (from whom, incidentally, “gay” originates, as long as “homosexual love” would be the only truly “free” and “joyful” …).

That’s why in this disturbing congregation of ‘alchemists’, among singers and actors, writers and “intellectuals” (ch. 4), there could not be missed those – with a strong hauberk supplied to them by the screen of “authoritative international institutions” – who preach “decline” and drastic reduction of birth.

Can therefore there be defined as a case that fact that the “crisis” in which the Western nations are struggling for years, apart from the objective difficulties, results from the disorientation (including sexual) and obstacles of every kind placed to the formation of normal families?


[1] http://www.eurasia-rivista.org/la-nuova-guerra-fredda/21690/

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