America: but which … “Country of Immigrants”!

by Enrico Galoppini

obama_parlaOne can say whatever about America, whether we like it or not.

But not that it is not a country of immigrants.

Almost all the population of the United States of America was made up of immigrants during the last four or five centuries.

But there is one small problem. A trifle question which is always cheerfully slid over when it turns to drawing to tears from the stories of these “self-made man” who had departed with the cardboard suitcases and their Bibles, wandering and fleeing the terrible “Old World”.

It is the extermination of the indigenous peoples. Those who had lived in America, even without calling it thus, before all that which in the name of the “modern civilization” had landed on their ancestral land.

Yes, it is true that even the “American Indians” had arrived there after passing through the Bering Strait… but here we are talking about the lost in the millennia, while the planned massacre by those who laid smokescreens of tear gas is a very recent affair.

For which, by the way – while we, who remained on this side of the Atlantic, were hammered with our eternal “faults” real or imagined – no one has ever really suffered retribution, nor even evermade an apology. Thus it is hard to imagine these individuals, kissed by the lot of their “God” who would turn them into the Scrooge because of their “chosenness”, willing to shell out some money to compensate the committed serious wrong.

No way! While we have to open the purse because they always jumps out some “victim”, they continue undeterred to commit massacres around the world and no one can claim anything as compensation.

The trick is clear: only few in the world can boast the title of “victims”, with guaranteed annuity, and only some are exempt from having to disburse amounts of money by way of “repairs”.

And if we put together the two privileged categories, we find that it is the same people!

Those who really command America, for spite the five millions of the “new immigrants” that the new “swarthy messiah” waving us in the face with to claim a moral superiority that exists only in the fantasies of Hollywood.

Among these “new Americans” there abound the most disadvantaged ethnic groups in this parody of respect and tolerance which America represents, so to be sure that the industry of the perpetual wars made in the USA will draw its next meat from slaughterhouse.

But on the other hand, they have always done so, even when in the end of the two World Wars, to safeguard the grain that they had lent to their “allies”, “color” marines were shipped to Europe in droves.

The trick then goes on undeterred: I give you my coveted “citizenship” and you go to risk your neck for me.

In the face of the “nation in arms”, the Army of the United States is in fact – as recalled by the late John Kleeves [1] – a sort of a supermarketguard, on the look-out for the purely private interests masked understrictly publicideals, therefore that who actually goes to get the gunshots and breath depleted uranium is as a clerk in camouflage and equipped to the nines.

This, therefore, beyond the few ostentatious examples of “integration” (in making money, of course), is the love of the American system for “immigrants”. An individual who at the base of the social pyramid does the slave for nothing, breaking his back, and who, faced with the lack of prospects, finds nothing better than going to die (or be shocked or mutilated for life) to defend interests of the same smart ones who have always ridden the gravy train.

Our creative of politics are chalking up, if they have not already done it. We should expect, thus, a great “amnesty” and “regularization”, if our dear Italy hangs on following the expansionist delirium of its powerful and indisputable “ally”.



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