From Bin Laden to the Caliph: the final war against Islam (to knock out Eurasia)

by Enrico Galoppini

Iraq_ISISThe final stage of the West’s war against Islam seems to have finally started. Particularly since this one revolves around a “Medieval” and terrifying “Caliphate”.

One did not need to be clairvoyant to predict that sooner or later we would arrive at such a place. It is enough to read a collection of pre 2008 articles that I’ve entitled Islamophobia: Authors, tactics and final objectives [1]. The final chapter which summarized the issue (Islam as a “problem” and Atlantic geopolitical strategies: A necessary relationship, revised and updated for the courses of the Master Mattei, University of Teramo, titled: “The Great Middle East” and The Anti-Islamic Moment of the “Clash of Civilizations”), still holds up well to the challenge of the time, because, as the title states, “fear of Islam” is the foundation of Atlantic geopolitical strategies in the Mediterranean and Eurasia [2].

Since the “Caliphate” was proclaimed in eastern Syria and north-central Iraq [3], Islamophobia has made a vigorous come back to the homes of Westerners who are flooded with sensational and alarming messages which cause much confusion and overdose even amongst Muslims themselves.

But before that, there was the so-called “Arab Spring” with its main objective of elimination of “moderate Arab regimes” whom the West officially sustained for years against the “extremists” (and who were on good terms – perhaps too good for our “allies” – with Italy of the First and also the Second Republic).

But everything started with what I defined in the book “The Big bang of the 21st century century”, which is that the terrorist’s action on the American territory added to the evanescent al-Qaeda.

We remember well how in the days following September 11, 2001 one of the main topics of Western propaganda, aimed at spreading contempt and distrust towards Islam, was the request made to virtually every Muslim to dissociate themselves from “terrorism” according to the absurd postulate that “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims”, repeated incessantly by the “manufacturers of consent”.

The media, however, showed a way out: affiliation with the so-called “moderate Islam”, which actually was (and is) an amalgam of affiliating with Islam and accepting all anti-traditional cornerstones of “modern thought” (in addition to the adoption of an equidistant position in the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict”).

To safeguard us against the ravenous hordes of Islam, ruthless and guerrilla in character, there still existed those “moderate Arab regimes” which, in 2011 and after Obama’s famous speech in Cairo (June 2009, in which he cleverly “offered his hand to Islam”) were becoming upset with the so-called “Arab Spring”, elsewhere known as the “colour revolutions”. When the bribery of local officials (mostly drawn from the ranks of so-called “political Islam”, preceded by sincere but naive “liberals” plus the usual mob) did not prove sufficient, the West intervened with the classic apparatus of gunboats and bombers (v. the Libyan case).

In summary, the first phase of Islamophobia – dominated by Osama bin Laden, his deputy al-Zawahiri and other lieutenants (like al-Zarqawi), with all the attributes of “terrorist attacks” (London, Madrid etc.) and the chopped off heads, which were counterbalanced by the shoots by the cowboy Bush, the orange suits of Guantanamo and the “torture” at Abu Ghraib – was followed by the “phase of Hope”, along with Western audience deluded about the magnificent and progressive germs which would have aspired the Arab and Islamic masses desiring “democracy”. An “Islamic democracy” under the banner of the Muslim Brotherhood and the various acronyms related to them that have come into force here and there.

The apex of this second phase, in which even the worst cutthroats became heralds of freedom, coincided with the first part of the so-called “Syrian revolt”, which despite being inscribed in the “Arab Spring” has brought up to the inevitable prominence – given the location of Syria – the strategic significance of an operation aimed at the overthrow of the Damascus regime. Which, we must remember, short time before was even considered by some Western partners, albeit with some reservations (I think Italy), as a guarantor of “stability” in the Mediterranean and beyond.

At some point, however, with the overthrow of Egyptian President drawn from the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Morsi (operated perhaps with the Russian support?) [4], something in the subversive mechanism started by the West has run jammed. The “Syrian Revolt” has entered into crisis, as well as there has cracked the mechanism of the unilateral Western propaganda, although, to be honest, the discordant voices referred mainly to the mainstream focused on the “massacre of Christians” by Islamic fanatic “jihadist” formations; which prefigured the bend to “New Crusade” that has finally manifested itself through the emergence of this unique “Caliphate”.

But at last the classic omelet was made: with Libya reduced to the fundamentalist bands and huge oil fields of Syria and Iraq in the hands of the followers of the “Caliph” [5], the most terrifying face of Islam can finally enter the homes of Italians and other subjects of the West.

This is the phase number three of the project which aims to destabilize permanently all the Mediterranean and the Near East, with not too remote possibility for us to become involved militarily in a war which is not ours and that we have not longed for at all, for the simple fact that for Italy the Mediterranean and the Near East before 1991 (operation Desert Storm) were good as they were, except Israel, which in fact had always frowned upon those statesmen who have been eliminated later on – starting from the following year – with the media-judicial operation “Clean Hands”.

From the propaganda point of view, the Islamophobic terror, which this new phase is able to arouse in the minds of naive people manipulated and conquered by the “Western values”, is certainly more elevated than that of the first phase when Bin Laden and his associates were ‘a great screen presence’.

In the end, the “Sheikh of terror” and his organization have attacked only America. Yes, we had to be solidly “all Americans”, but still we did not feel fully embarked in the enterprise, and in fact we always kept a foot in both camps (see the Franco-German position in 2003, when the English America invaded Iraq). And who said that the “massacre of Nasiriya” (November 12, 2003) [6] was due to the “Islamic partisans” and not to some of our indescribable “ally”?
Currently there are no more excuses to escape and to pretend to be “smart”. They make us understand it ever more insistently. Not surprising, therefore, that from the mouth of the Italian ministers are coming outstatements about the possibilities of one of our largest and most ‘active’ involvement in the operations in Iraq aimed at curbing a danger that in unison goes defined as not only regional but “to the whole world”…

The dreadful “Caliphate”, with its allies positioned on the Libyan coast, new Saracens, is there to astonish us with its “Medievalism”, so if you want to save the “modernity” with all its “values” you can no longer escape the call to arms of the West led by Anglo-Zionists!

Droves of “migrants” among which the “terrorists” could hide,stud our defenseless coasts, while among the children of the so-called “second generation” the call to the “holy war” becomes popular. Somewhere, in the Near East, there is a “Caliph” who longs to conquer Rome, while “Christians” and minorities suffer massacres, and it does not matter to the propaganda purposes whether the Muslims with the views other than the Isis are suffering the same treatment. This is what oozes from newspapers and TV news, that in two minutes blend everything into a terrifying cocktail after which the unlucky and unprepared viewer can only wish for a shower of atomic bombs on the entire Middle East.

Finally, having entered the third stage, that of “the total war” to Islam, the concomitant “Ukrainian crisis” also makes it clear even to the imbeciles the link between the September 11, Islamophobia and the attack to Eurasia. While Western propaganda – without already even a crimp by his “friend” Berlusconi – depicts Putin as a bloodthirsty and irresponsible madman, so we must fear that the stupid and unjustifiable “sanctions” against Moscow will pair with an armed intervention of the usually unlikely “little Italy” in the Islamic East?


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